Dysart Carmel

Where is Dysart?

If you look at the map of Britain and let your eye travel to Scotland - on the east you will see the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, famous for its castle and its annual festival. Around fifteen miles to the north, over the river Forth, is the town of Kirkcaldy in Fife, and Dysart is now counted as part of Kirkcaldy.

It is of very ancient origin and is a Royal Burgh, but as often happens the little old village has been superseded by the newer sprawling town.

Welcome to Dysart home pages.

We hope that you will find these pages interesting, and that you will return now and again to see any updates we have made. We now have a newsletter which will keep you up to date on what has been happening, in Dysart Carmel and also perhaps the other British Carmels.

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The Carmelite life and aim is very simple and direct: love of God and of neighbour, lived out in a total and unconditional gift of oneself by living entirely for Christ and for others. The day is spent in prayer and work, as far as possible in silence, with specific times for the sisters to meet, relax and talk together. Most communities have a particular form of work in order to support themselves, such as the making of Communion wafers or printing of cards. The Dysart community are particularly dedicated to looking after sick and elderly sisters from their own and other Monasteries, with some printing work being undertaken as far as time allows. There are at present nineteen sisters in this community, including the invalids. They love and pray for their brothers and sisters all over the world, and in a special way for the local people, whatever their beliefs. They have many friends in Dysart and Kirkcaldy, who have supported them with their donations and prayers over the years. Their Chapel is open daily for Mass, for anyone wishing to attend.